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SkyHorn is the first crane warning horn that attaches to the crane’s Hook-Block; offering an optimal location for warning riggers, workers, and innocent bystanders of the crane’s overhead load position.

Sky Horn
  • By giving the operator the ability to warn and alert at the load position, SkyHorn is the most effective crane warning system.
  • By positioning our horn on the block, SkyHorn supplies workers the ability to audibly identify the crane’s active load, overhead, throughout the day.

The Problems with a Horn located at the operator’s cab:

  • 1

    The distance of the standard warning horn from the load position does not warn of the load’s location.

  • 2

    Compounding noise renders the horn at the cab:

    • Barely audible Ineffective
  • 3

    Workers are unable to determine the load position, audibly.

  • 4

    The operator should have control.

    • A whistle or an air horn is not in the operator’s control.
Sky Horn

Learn the idea behind our innovative warning system with this one-minute video


Christian Michael

10 year operator

“I honestly do not think I could do another job without one”

Chris Hunt

13 year TC operator

“It makes everybody’s job easier, period.”

Bruce Harbin

37 year TC/ mobile operator

“Some of the main problems on construction sites has always been not being able to hear tower crane horns, now, you can hear where the block is.”

Vincent Thomas

5 year carpenter

“Sometimes the operator only uses the horn on large picks. I wish he would use it on every pick because the risk to us, being below the load, is a constant worry.”